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Bearing & Hydraulic Spares CC was established under the direction of Mr S Aurakeasamy in 1992. This Close Corporation is 100% black owned and prides itself on the enrichment of previously disadvantaged individuals.


Bearing and Hydraulic Spares CC serves a wide Industry and has a diverse client base that is seen as strategic business partners rather than customers. Our main purpose is to ensure that our partners are always running at an optimal performance level and that all their bearing and hydraulic needs and requirements are addressed as high priority. Our bearings are manufactured to OEM Specifications and we are able to manufacture and supply any component our partners require.


Vision statement

Our vision is to be a national and continental leader in customer value and to be acknowledged as the brand and partner of choice.

We strive to be the number one in every market we serve and to revolutionise our company to have the strength and influence of a big company with the leanness and agility of a small company.

Mission Statement

Bearing & Hydraulic Spares CC understand and appreciate the many challenges our partners face regarding accuracy, complexity and deadline.

We will support our partners and their deadlines to the best our ability.
Bearing & Hydraulic Spares CC is a valuable tool to our partners by manufacturing and providing not only common items but also non-standard, small quantity and complex items at a competitive price.

Bearing & Hydraulic Spares CC is one of many important and necessary links in a long chain of events to ensure that our partner’s businesses operate an optimal pace. We will do our best to make that successful operation possible.


Integrity is at the heart or our relationships. We demonstrate integrity by trusting, respecting and empowering our employees and partners, and operating every single day with authenticity, openness and reliability.

We treat others with dignity, and respect their individual feelings and contributions. We thoughtfully consider other’s ideas and viewpoints, and recognize our differences.

Through regular two-way communication, internally and externally, we encourage fresh ways to address business issues.

Business goals, objectives and growth strategy

The main objective of the Bearing & Hydraulic Spares brand is to create a footprint on the African continent while striving to be a household name which is thought of with great pride and trust.

In doing this we also want to bring to light the compatibility and affordability of our products and services.


  • "We are using your red PowerTwist Plus (A profile) belts in a big number of applications for conveying automotive glass both flat and bent. The best result we get on dry glass, if they are used in wet applications a lot of dirt will dry onto the belt and causing scratches sooner or later. But in dry conditions the last for a very long time, the also runs much more syncron than for instance round belts as Habasit polycord, when several belts are on the same shafts."
    Erik Behmer
  • "We are presently using your Fenner Drives HPC V-Belts (SuperTLink SPA section and PowerTwist Plus B section on our AC units and exhaust fans. We are very happy with the performance of belts. We tried these belts a year ago. We found Fenner Drives belts are more efficient than rubber belts. With these belts we maintain much less inventory and it’s easy to install. Fenner Drives HPC V-Belts save maintenance time also. We are replacing almost every rubber belt in our premises with Fenner Drives HPC V-Belts."
    Christian Tjenderasa
  • "Thanks so much for introducing us to the PowerTwist Plus V-Belts for our Data-Aire CRAC units. We installed the first belt on a unit that was clearly in need of a belt change, so we were able to see an immediate increase in cooling output within hours, and that proved to us that maintaining belt tension and stability on the blower motors was a larger factor in cooling output and efficiency than we ever considered. That being said, when you combine the fact that the PowerTwist Plus V-belts grip better and do not loosen over time like traditional belts, we are able to maximize cooling output while maintaining maximum motor efficiency at a non-depreciating rate now, and that translates into saving energy and increasing the life expectancy of the units. My facilities guys also like the PowerTwist Plus V-belts because they last much longer than our other belts (so they don’t have to install them nearly as often), and they are so much easier to replace. I would recommend PowerTwist Plus."
    Chip Krebs
  • "We prototyped this belting with Fenner Drives. The capability and speed in which Fenner Drives manufactured a modified style of belting to fit our needs was impressive. The belt longevity is equal to the standard PowerTwist Plus belting. The added stand-offs have held up well. Product quality was improved due to the reduced contact to the surface."
    Jason Phillippe
  • "We use your PowerTwistPius A/13 and PowerTwist Ground Round 5/16" for conveying chip boards. The total number of conveyors fitted with PowerTwist is 12 pes. Each conveyor has 6 belts on. Each belt is approximately 8.5m long. Before we used to use timing belts which were causing us a lot of troubles, like unexpected failures, difficulties in changing. Also we had to keep a huge stock of belts in right length. Since we switched to PowerTwist problems are gone. We change the belts once per 6 months instead of once per month. We recommend this product for conveying because it is easy to install, it lasts long, we can make it to any length and it is not marking our products."
    Andrzej Joka



Mr S Aurakeasamy
Mrs V Aurakeasamy